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Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher

Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher

Because of crushing ratio, stable and high yield, low operating costs, finished grain shape is good and other notable features, Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher by the majority of investors in the pro-Lai. When the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher working, the horizontal axis Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher driven by a motor through V-belt and pulley, the horizontal axis through large and small gear driven eccentric sleeve rotation, Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher cone axis eccentricity in the eccentric role rotary pendulum movement from doing so sometimes broken wall surface near the cone surface, sometimes away from the cone surface, so that the stone in the crushing cavity constantly being squeezed, broken and impact crusher. Material crushed under its own weight Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher discharged from the lower portion of the discharge port. On Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher moving cone of the upper chamber at a fixed spindle supporting the upper end of the spherical bearing, which sets out the lower chamber of the eccentric sleeve, its movement driven directly by the eccentric bushing. When the eccentric sleeve rotates around the spindle, moving cone not only with the center line of the eccentric sleeve around the rotary motion of the machine, but also about their own axis, the movable cone is supported around its center for space sphere spin pendulum movement. The following summarizes the work of the design principles Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher spindle sleeve.

Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher spring cone bushing is spindle bushing. Cone bushing inner sleeve design is eccentric cone design because the cone liner within the sleeve fitted over the eccentric tapered bore and taper bush in the hole and the spindle clearance fit. Therefore cone and fixed cone suspension bushing design and the intersection of the center line of the eccentric sleeve tapered bore centerline Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher point (called the eccentric sleeve suspension points) and an eccentric member motion states.

In order to make the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher during the operation, in the friction surface reliable lubricant film formation; to compensate for the eccentric component manufacturing and assembly errors as well as to prevent the eccentric member in thermal expansion and deformation stuck. There must be a suitable clearance between the friction surfaces of each eccentric member. Easy to heat generation gap is too small to hold the shaft phenomenon; the gap is too large to reduce machine life and have an impact and vibration. General reference to determine the existing Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher actual data according to the actual situation.

Thus, the inner cone bushing bore dimensions and external dimensions (liner thickness is known) can be determined, then it tapered bushing structure size has been set, and then checking its pv value. At the same time the inner eccentric sleeve tapered bore size is also OK. The intersection of the centerline of the inner cone of the machine centerline of the eccentric sleeve suspension points and the mobile device at the center line of the fluctuations of the eccentric sleeve around, change the value of its size by the eccentric bushing sleeve and frame clearance value size. Dynamic cone hanging point fixed point theory, so Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher dynamic cone can be regarded as a rigid body motion around a fixed space of a precession movement.

To ensure the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher have higher performance, for the same Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher correspond to different materials, different cavity, different crushing ratio, etc., we should adopt a different stroke. In order to obtain different strokes on the use of double eccentric, the eccentric sleeve bushing bore that is also eccentric bushing, by rotation of the eccentric bushing different positions available in different eccentricity, different precession angle, which can meet different swing stroke requirements. Therefore, in the actual use of the process can be appropriately adjusted according to the needs of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher carried out in order to achieve the appropriate material effect.

More than a brief description of the hub, in the actual production process there will be a large amount of data necessary to calculate and match. With not less domestic Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher technology improvements, all aspects of performance Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher has also been a large degree of development, more advanced hydraulic Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher is a blend of high automation technology. I believe that with scientific and technological progress, all kinds of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher in terms of design and material, there will be greater progress.

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