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Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine

Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine

Measures of Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine

As those who know Limestone Machine, Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine used a dry oil or water, two kinds of sealed formation to make powder and lubrication to isolate. Dust water occupies a very important role in Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine, the paper will share the wind and dust technology in Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine.

China Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine Manufacturer found some Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine after long-term use, the sink began to deform, moving cone in contact with the copper tile surface wear, leading to sink gap is not accurate, resulting in serious Limestone Machine into dust. Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine effectively prevent dust and water intake can be increased Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine operating rates and equipment availability, the application of a good wind and dust technology change this phenomenon.

  • First, change the structure of the tank, so the tank to eliminate leakage points. When the half-sleep to fully enclosed waterway, without gaskets can block the infiltration of dust and water lubrication system by Limestone Machine leak points. Inner retaining ring installed in the sink, so sink into a separate tank.
  • Second, the air introduced into the lumen of Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine, generated negative balance is running, the pressure between the outside air flow from the dust ring and sink, blocking dust into Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine. Bowl drill four internal cylindrical flange on the clean air pressure introduced into the inside from the 4 holes cone wiper, balance the negative pressure generated Limestone Machine runtime.
  • Third, the site installation of the blower as wind pressure source to provide pressure to clean the air 0.02MP.

Wind Dust Control Technology in Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine in after application, into dust is greatly reduced, lubrication quality greatly improved, Limestone Machine internal rack bushings, taper bushings, copper tile, and other parts wear is also significantly reduced, failure frequency lower, lubrication quality also mentioned a good increase. China Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine Manufacturer discovery application of wind and dust technology has greatly improved the equipment operating conditions, the ability to promote the improvement of the broken system, Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine failure rate is reduced.

China Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine Manufacturer recommends users dustproof seal tank water is best to install water purification device or a filtration device, because the original dust water use is the production of clean water, poor water quality, easy to plug the sink waterways, installation The water purification device can effectively reduce the Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine sink blocked phenomenon.

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